Holden Bound!

And just like that, we’re back in the states! Today we journey to Holden Village, a Christian center in the heart of Washington’s pristine wilderness. We will spend the next month living, volunteering, worshiping, reflecting, and growing in this intentional Christian community. We’re hopeful our time there will serve as a meaningful transition back into the “real world” in Minneapolis as we wrap our minds around all that we’ve experienced this past year.

Stay tuned – We’ll return to share about our time in Holden and post about our top experiences. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. They’ve meant the world to us.

🙂 M & K



June 24th, 2012

Wednesday, June 20th. 365 days in the making. A global event has occurred. Matt Janssen and Kate Berry (aka Janssenberry) have re-entered the United States. Their present location, while known, is extremely remote. Cellular phone coverage is negligible.

Proceed with extreme caution.

Ottoman file number 8729 dated 06-20-2011


June 24th, 2012

What building are you staying in? A chalet, lodge or the hotel? Actually, I bet you’re in the Bed and Breakfast! I have never been but would love to some day. How about next week? Their website says they are booked through the middle of August but I bet you could squeeze me in.

What do you think about this route?

832 miles on I-94 then another 540 on I-90 and I’m practically there. Heck, with enough gas station cappuccino and snickers bars, I could be there mid-Monday.


July 2nd, 2012

I don’t know if you two are even aware of your own bravery. Quite the feat, quite the trust that must be in place between not only you two but to everyone you encountered….let alone Jesus. It was absolutely fantastic to be able to greet you in Oslo, and Holden is the top-notch place to end your journey.
I still owe you a salmon dinner. 😛 Twerps! 😀

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