A New Look

You might have already noticed by now a difference in appearance between earlier photos of myself and any of the more recent photos. If you haven’t, then you’re either not following our photos or you’ve been mistaking me for someone else. We’ll clear that up in a minute.

I didn’t want to do it, really. I’d be fine letting the ratty nest grow down to my boots. With enough work, it might have even looked good. But for the life of me, I couldn’t control it! Every few days I’d find a new dreadlock forming off the back or side. My hair was more hippy than me. I wasn’t quite ready to head into Japan looking like Jack Sparrow, especially if we’d be trying to hitch-hike. So it had to come off!

The last time I entered a barber shop was in Rome last September. I got as far as sitting in the chair before changing my mind. This time it had to happen, but I hadn’t spotted a barber in Vietnam yet. A few salons and saloons. But no spinning candy-cane-striped poles here. Unless, could it be, perhaps the man with the umbrella and plastics chairs standing over there on the side of the street? Why yes, of course that’s it. He even has the mirror and shaving cream.


As it happened:

And after:

The cost, including shave, was US$4, plus tip.

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