Small World

On our second day in Vietnam, we were passing through a Ho Chi Minh City museum when we ran into an Iowan couple. Not just any Iowan couple, I actually recognized these folks! We crossed paths with the Casavants, whose daughters we’d counseled with at Camp EWALU. Unbelievable! They graciously took us out for lunch and we had an enjoyable time communing with them as we talked about camp and travel. Small world moments like these are a wonderful reminder of how God watches over us. More so than any other connections, it’s been our ties to Camp EWALU that have provided us with the most life-enriching experiences on this journey. Thanks again, dear old friend, for continuing to have a hand in our lives!

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Leah P

June 8th, 2012

Love this! When Bill Bryson was in Oslo about a year ago, rumors floated back to me that an Iowan was there and had introduced herself. He just laughed and said, “You probably could guess I’ve been all over the world, and yet wherever I go, Iowans seem to find me.” He grew up in Des Moines but hasn’t lived there since, I don’t think… 🙂

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