We’ve left India, and hopefully soon India will leave us.

We only had a few days left. I though we might actually flee India without paying for our sins of eating street-vendor food and ice cubes. The Lonely Planet guide book gives travelers two weeks before they meet their intestinal doom, but we had already made it six. In fact our winged chariot to freedom was only a taxi ride away when the fever started. I could almost taste Thailand before the chills and sweats kicked in. Oh, how I wished that hotel toilet could have been anywhere other than India. Maybe with a view and some nice magazines. But alas, for two days I paid in full for every one of those tasty food stands from Bombay to Calcutta.

There was a reprieve long enough to get me on the airplane, off the airplane and into another bed, this time in Bangkok, Thailand. But whatever I had picked up in India didn’t stop at immigration or customs. And that’s why I eventually ended up in the good care of Bangkok Christian Hospital.

All I needed to say was, “we were in India,” which concluded the examination. He knew exactly what I had picket up: everything. He told me the Thai people don’t even go to India for fear of their hygiene and water. The best solution, in his opinion, was to shoot first and ask questions later, and I had to agree (and then run to the bathroom). The shotgun approach included anti-worm, anti-bacteria and anti-cyst drugs, and a bunch of others to control the nasty side effects of the earlier drugs. With any luck, I’ll leave India behind soon.

Edit: Turns out Kate also brought along her own bit of India. Just took a few days longer to show up. Back to the doctor we went.

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April 2nd, 2012

I read this and am incredibly impressed with how well the medical system in Thailand fixed you two. There wasn’t a hint of India left in you! Our return visit to Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital solidified this belief. BTW, your x-rays are doing well. I’m thinking handing them to a certain friend so she can confirm your diagnosis.

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