Bukoba Sights and Sounds

The sun rises over Lake Victoria, casting beautiful rays of light on the fertile land. Small footpaths snake through countless banana trees, which arise from the rich red earth. Avocados drop like bombs from the sky as chattering monkeys chase each other back and forth; swinging through trees at lightening speed before landing with a terrific crash on the house’s tin roof. Colorful and strange looking birds make melodious music or hilarious squawks as they call to one another. Thunder reverberates across the land, shaking windows and threatening an inevitable torrential downpour. The hills are busy with men laboriously pounding rocks into smaller pieces and tediously cutting grass with small blades. Heavy loads of produce and materials burden bikes as men push their way up the hill or carefully navigate their way down. A man blows on a pipe, attempting to attract people to the fish he is hoping to sell from the basket perched confidently on his head.

In the fields, women wearing bright dresses or skirts bend in an excruciatingly straight manner to tend to their crops, sometimes with babies strapped to their backs. They bend again to sweep loose dirt from dirt walkways. Motorcycles and vehicles announce their presence on the road with constant honking before speeding by within inches of pedestrians. Goats tied down by ropes munch on the lush grass and the occasional cow bellows, making herself known. The day closes with the honk of the ferry, blasting its last minute call before cruising across Lake Victoria. Bright stars pierce the sky and the peaceful buzz from a million insects fills the night.



November 14th, 2011

Your description makes me feel like I am right there with you. I love the use of all the adjectives! Are you sure you didn’t teach George R. R. Martin how to write?


November 27th, 2011

Nik, thanks so much for the kind words! I have never heard of this George fellow before; but I’m pretty sure I could never whip up any epic fantasy novels. I’ll leave that up to you and Matt… 🙂

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