Sunny Switzerland

Can you imagine traveling to Washington DC on the Fourth of July and having no idea that it’s the US’s birthday? Talk about ignorance! Well… Matt and I arrived in Bern, the Swiss capital, on August 1st, which just so happens to be the Switzerland National Day. Ignorance, indeed! Note to self, know the country’s birthday before you arrive in its capital city.

We didn’t do a single touristy thing in Bern and it was FABULOUS. Instead, we celebrated the national holiday alongside the locals. The sun was brilliant and when we happened upon a free swimming pool we found some grassy space amongst the hundreds of sunbathers and made ourselves at home. While looking for a restroom I stumbled into the courtyard reserved exclusively for females. Hello middle-aged nude women! Holy cats! There were so many of them! Soaking up the sun in their birthday suits. I’m just lucky I didn’t walk into the male courtyard!

There was a super cold glacial river that rushed past our campground. We watched as locals would launch themselves off of a bridge and float crazy fast downstream until they got out, walked back, and did it again. BRRR! Matt and I told each other we would have joined these courageous souls if we didn’t have to watch our bags (yeah, right!).

That night we discovered that the peaceful Swiss are not so peaceful when it comes to their fireworks! The campground was popping with fireworks going off everywhere! You had to vigilantly watch where you stepped so you didn’t receive any surprises up your shorts! I felt as if we were dodging noise-makers everywhere, especially when walking underneath bridges!

In the US, we plaster the American flag everywhere, especially on the Fourth of July. I kept my eyes peeled but I rarely saw the Swiss flag. Not on clothes or cupcakes or earrings. Does that mean they’re less patriotic than us? Or maybe they don’t feel the need to flaunt it. How do you measure patriotism?



September 2nd, 2011

At a historical museum in Bern I saw my camera from 7th grade – and felt really old! In Austria I was introducedto the ladies’ private bathing section, too, but chose not to participate. You’re renewing good memories! Merci! Yes, you could have drunk that water!


November 13th, 2011

Too funny, Barb! Thanks for sharing!

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