Praha was a beautiful city and a fun place to lose yourself on winding cobblestone streets. We were shocked by how commercialized it was. There was shopping everywhere! We took another free walking tour and discovered that the famous astronomical clock in the old town square had been voted the most disappointing tourist attraction in Europe. In order to make this tourist destination more exciting, a trumpet player now appears at the top of the clock tower (once it has finished) and plays a tune and waves a banner to let the crowd know that all is well.

One night we happened upon a concert stage floating on the Vltava River with the famous Charles Bridge and Prague Castle behind it. Tour boats, paddle boats, and even a swan boat rowed right up to the stage to get front row seats. Two men equipped with cigarette boxes in their mouths and booze held high over their heads even attempted to swim out to the stage. It wasn’t long before the police patrolling the river cut them off and sent them back to the shore. What an entertaining sight to watch intoxicated individuals rocking out to the music and dancing on their swaying boats! Those stuck on land crowded coveted views from bridges. We were lucky enough to find empty spots on a grassy peninsula and enjoyed the music, complete with another fantastic fireworks display. We’re still not sure who the band was but their style sounded a lot like Gogol Bordello’s “Start Wearing Purple”.

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