Munich Highlights

Munich was a lot of fun. I really liked it. The weather was FANTASTIC. Walking around the city, it was dumbfounding to think that Munich had been the hub of the Nazi regime. Here were some highlights:

– Enjoying the Hofbrauhaus and other beer gardens. Even though neither one of us are big fans of beer, the ambiance is very laid back and relaxing.

– Stumbling upon a funeral for Mr. von Habsburg, the last heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.

– Watching surfers traverse a standing wave (created by a water pumping mechanism) on an artificial stream. Who needs California?

– Visiting the White Rose Memorial. When I think of WWII, it never crosses my mind that some Germans actually resisted Hitler. The White Rose consisted of a University of Munich professor and students who led an anonymous leaflet campaign calling individuals to oppose Hitler. The six main members in this group were eventually arrested and executed by decapitation.

– Walking through the beautiful English Gardens and seeing Monopteros, a hilltop temple where some great friends of ours got engaged.

– Experiencing Neuschwanstein Castle in person. SOOO Disney!

– Watching Harry Potter (in English) before it came out in the states!


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