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While camping in Stavanger we met some Norwegian students who seemed to be pretty intrigued with we Americans (they had all sorts of questions). They knew quite a bit about the US and talked with us about everything, including: politics, the economy, the war on terrorism, volunteering in foreign countries, and drinking. They recognized the privilege and opportunities they have living in such a wealthy nation and mentioned that they feel as is they’ve won the lottery having been born in Norway.

The young men mentioned that the only US TV shows that they watch are Judge Judy and COPS. They wanted to know if all Americans are like Texans, which they explained as red-neck hicks who will shoot at anything. AYE! How appalling that people actually think that!

Some other questions they had for us:

– Did we like country music? They laughed at Toby Keith and his song about killing terrorists.
– Why does the US think it has to be the world’s police? Apparently Norway has not invaded another country since the time of the Vikings. Wow.
– Why are Americans so scared of socialism? Did we think we would end up like Norway? Would that be bad?
– Why does so much money go into political campaigns?
– Did we think that homosexuality was a sin? The one gentleman thinks the Bible has been twisted to condemn gays.

I was impressed with the boys’ depth of character and intellect. If you’re reading this, thank you for the conversation!

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Liz Mason

July 15th, 2011

I have really enjoyed your postings so far! I was curious what e-mail address you are using on your travels? Hope you are both doing well! Miss you!

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