Here We Go Again On Our Own.

Time for some catch-up. Four days ago we said goodbye to Dad and Barb after spending a week and a half driving from north to south Germany in a rented Mercedes. You would think while staying in nice hostels, B&B’s, and with even nicer relatives and friends we’d have ample time to keep in touch. Not so much! Here are some of the highlights that kept us so busy:

Visiting one of my sixteen great-great-great-grandfathers’ hometown, and staying with some of his great-great-grandkids.
Drifting down the Rhine past castle after castle. If you could ever get sick of castles, it’d be here.
Flying down the autobahn (freeway) at a whopping 140 MPH and still being passed.
Popping the tire on the rental.
Rocking Munich with Barb’s friend Lisa and husband Yasser. Thanks so much for being such gracious hosts!

If you’d want to hear more, you’d have to ask, because there’s just too much to put down right now. It was wonderful to be with family again, but it was also hard to say goodbyes. I though we had taken care of those back in June. As such, I finally felt like we had begun our journey as Dad and Barb drove off to the airport with us and our backpacks left in a dusty parking lot. Off we go; when will we meet again?



July 19th, 2011

July 18th, you know what that means… It’s Kate’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Kate! Wahoo!


August 8th, 2011

It was a very good time with you ,greating from munich
yasser and lesa


November 13th, 2011

Thanks for everything Lesa and Yasser!

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