Graffiti Galore

Of all things, we learned a lot about graffiti artists and their motifs around Berlin. Back home graffiti usually puts me on edge because it generally consists of derogatory language and/or involves gangs marking their territory. But in Berlin (and several other cities we’ve seen so far) it is a true art form that can be expressive and beautiful. Here were some of the craziest graffiti stories:

– One artist spends six hours a day painting the #6 everywhere. Pretty crazy stuff.

– Another guy wrote messages to his ex-girlfriend Linda begging her to take him back. Other artists and the public got really involved with this plea and also painted on walls asking Linda to give the poor guy a second chance. Years later the artist confessed that he had fabricated the entire story as an experiment to see how people would respond.

– Another artist paints pictures of a little girl killing her cat in the most bizarre ways (like using a toaster). This is a spoof on a beloved comic strip.

– Of course there were political messages as well – global warming, anti-borders, etc.

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