Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam was a crazy place. There were so many train, bus, motorcycle and bicycle crossings, I’m still amazed that I never got ran over! The craziest part was no doubt the Red Light District. Just a little disclaimer before continuing… I would have been just fine steering clear of this notorious section of the city; but of course, Matt just HAD to experience it. I was not comfortable with him walking alone through there with his crazy camera equipment so I went as his bodyguard. HA! Not to mention, even Rick Steves (a middle-aged travel guru) had featured the Red Light District on his Amsterdam episode. If he’d been there, I could certainly go.

Boy was it was out there. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam so there were sex shops and brothels galore. At night, behind huge windows, scantily clad women seduced those walking by on the streets. What little clothing they did have on glowed beneath black lights. Red florescent lights outlined the windows so the whole street was illuminated. We never saw anyone actually go up to a window to negotiate with a woman. Yup, it was incredibly awkward to walk past these women displaying themselves like pieces of meat. It was also interesting to observe people of all ages from children to the elderly walking down the streets.

Needless to say, we didn’t spend much time here. Matt got his picture of the illuminated canals and streets and we went on our way.

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