Trolltunga – Troll’s Tongue: Part 1

Ever since we added Norway to our itinerary I have been dreaming about sunning myself on a rock overlooking a fjord. I thought that soaking up the sun’s rays while gazing upon the majestic beauty of the fjords would be the epitome of the Norway experience. Unfortunately, it has been SUPER rainy. In fact, it has rained at least once every single day that we’ve been here. Apparently June is supposed to be the dry month, too… yikes!

After looking at several different brochures about different locations overlooking beautiful fjords, I decided upon a destination known as Trolltunga, troll’s tongue. This particular rock formation is shaped like a tongue and pokes out horizontally from the rock face, which makes hanging your feet over it an adrenaline rushing experience. Matt was on board with this plan so we traveled to the hometown of the hike, where we crossed paths with an intriguing gentleman named Warren. After introductions the seventy-year-old (whose poofy hair made him look like Einstein) skipped the small talk and asked Matt what he wanted to do with his life. It’s not every day a complete stranger asks you that question. Matt told him he was hoping to figure that out on our journey. We felt we were in the presence of a wise and special individual.

Even though Warren grew up along the fjord, his father was from the United States, and Warren chose to be a US citizen as well. He had gone to college in the US and was familiar with Waterloo, IA and spoke of a church off Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis (right where Matt and I lived this past year). It is a strange thing to travel overseas and randomly run into someone who knows where you’re from.

Warren was anxious to give us a tour of the town; however, it was getting late and we needed to get started on our hike. It would be at least another two hours before we even reached the trailhead. Warren recommended the local route and he sounded a lot like an oracle as he gave us directions, “past the cool air rising from the rocks,” and “there will be rock slides and rivers to cross before you arrive,” and my favorite, “you will need a rope at some point.” He explained how there was a secret hiding place up in the woods that had been used by the locals when Nazis came looking for them. Warren would have just been a baby at this time.

The hike to the trailhead was very pretty even though it crossed over several rock slides that had demolished the terrain. As we walked it was hard to imagine that those peaceful woods had a tumultuous history, having once served as a hiding place for Norwegians from the Nazis.



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