It’s Official

There’s no turning back now. It has been a hectic day: breakfast, without any dishes or silverware or frying pans? UPS to pick up the memory cards, USPS to mail out the spare car keys, pack the backpacks, the bank to activate our ATM cards. We still need to clean the windows! LUSH in Macy’s for some solid shampoos. Last-minute drop-in to the clinic; we REALLY need those travel meds now! We closed up the apartment and slid the key under the door; Kate’s mom will mail in the extras we forgot in Iowa. To REI! To Best Buy! To The Shack! The bookstore doesn’t have what we want. The prescriptions are ready for pickup at your local Walgreens. “Are you sure this is enough for a whole year?” Home. Goodbye cats, goodbye house, goodbye Mom, Dad. Here’s your vacuum cleaner back, and thank for storing all our junk! Nik is right on time, almost, and we’re off to the airport. Traffic slowing, stopped, let’s get going!

We get to the airport and the stress of the day melts away, as the check-in counter is prompt and friendly, and as the security checkpoint folks said “thank you.” Now we sit, waiting to board the first of a few flights. First stop: Norway.

I was wondering when the Journey would begin. I assumed it would be when we bought our ticket, then I thought when we gave notice to our jobs, or maybe on the last day of work, or when we left the apartment, got the the plane…so I can’t find any specific beginning, and I haven’t felt any “this is it” moment, but this has definitely begun. And there will probably be lots of beginnings. But we couldn’t wait for them all before getting this blog started! So here we go! We hope to keep you entertained when we can, so check back from time to time.


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