After arriving in Oslo, we headed for Vigeland Park, a beautiful statue park that had been recommended to us by several people. I was fortunate enough to meet up with Leah, an old camp friend who fell in love with a Norwegian, married him, and has sense settled outside of Oslo. Leah was a fantastic tour guide; she walked us around Oslo and treated us to a delicious Norwegian meal – Salmon, potatoes, salad, and cooked carrots. Yum! She also filled us in on some Norwegian tidbits:

– No tipping at restaurants. (Don’t expect much for service, either)
– Norwegians do not go out to eat much, at least not as often as Unitedstatesians do.
– Sometimes you have to pay for public bathrooms. WHAT?!
– Minimum wage is $17/hour. Holy Macro! However, the cost of living is astronomical here. More on that later.
– When you buy bread at the supermarket, there is a special bread cutting machine that slices the bread up for you.

Some other things we noticed:

– There seem to be a lot more smokers here than in Minneapolis.
– Transportation seemed to be on the honor system. We bought a 24-hour bus and rail ticket and never had to show it when boarding.
– People on the bus are SO kind. Numerous times individuals would give up their seats for others who had greater needs (ex. For the elderly, and even for Matt w/ his huge backpack). This was not the exception, it appeared to be the norm.

That first night we camped in a campsite overlooking Oslo. It was a great site, except for the fact that the sun did not set until midnight, and even then it wasn’t dark. We were SUPER tired, but the children at the campground were still having a grand old time at 11 at night and the birds stayed up all night squawking too. Despite wearing earplugs and wrapping a handkerchief across my eyes, I did not get much sleep.

I’m sorry to report that we did not make it to any Viking museums; we only one afternoon to explore before catching the train for fjord country the following morning.


Heidi - Graphic/printing apprentice

June 29th, 2011

Can you order me some more printer supplies? I’m running low on ink.. kidding! Great to hear you guys are doing well and having a blast! We miss you and your genius brain at work!


July 8th, 2011

hey kate
nice to hear from you. what about tsotsies, i hope, there are none on that side of the world. we just started summer school on monday. O!boy. you just don’t wanna know. the hours are pretty short though. i like it. of course, going to the concert to night at the cedar. (tanariven is performing live) hand in there, hopefully, we will connect in south africa, sometime down the road. the weather is great in minnesota. i will keep in touch. go go vikings. lunga

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